Power Amplifier


  • .Switching-mode power supply
  • .XLR - input connectors
  • .5-way Binding Posts and SPEAKON - output connectors
  • .Selectable stereo mode, parallel mono mode and bridged mono mode
  • .INPUT THRU XLR output connectors for signals easily passing through to multi-amps setups
  • .Detent gain controls
  • .Subwoofer function can select the crossover frequency from 20Hz to 200Hz
  • .Gain selectable: 0.775V, 1V or 1.4V input sensitivity 
  • .Built-in limiters with on/off switches per each channel
  • .SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT, STEREO mode, PARALLEL mode and BRIDGE mono mode LED indicators LEVEL at -20dB -10dB -5dB 
  • .Dual 2-speed fans


R.M.S. Output Power 2 Ch Driven
1KHz 1% THD
2ohms 4ohms 8ohms
2000W 2200W 1200W
R.M.S. Output Power Bridged Mono
1KHz 1% THD
  4ohms 8ohms
  4000W 4400W
Input Sensitivity 0.775V
Frequency Response (20Hz~20KHz) ±1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.02%
Crosstalk @ 1KHz >60dB
Damping Factor >400
Signal To Noise Ratio
below rated power 20Hz to 20KHz,
Power Consumption
@ Maximum Output Power 8ohms
Output Circuitry CLASS H
Cooling System Dual 2-Speed Fans and Heatsinks
Dimensions (H×W×D) 88 x 483 x 546 mm
Weight 17kg
Rack Space 2U